Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Product Review: La Fresh Divas and Studs Canine Care Kit

Hi friends!  Recently, I was fortunate enough to win the Animal Radio Wacky Wednesday competition and the prize was the La Fresh Divas and Studs Canine Care kit.  I have been using this kit since I received it, and I love it.  Today’s post provides a little more detail and opinion on these products.  But first, here’s a peek at my winning photo:

In case you didn’t know, I love to sweat to the ’80s.  That’s how I keep my frenchie figure.  Anyway, on with the review!

The Divas and Studs Canine Care kit arrived beautifully packaged in a themed and re-usable crate.  I loved the luxe packaging and trendy colors that La Fresh used on this product – it looks great in my powder room!

The kit contained several grooming essentials: bath wipes, eye sparkle finger mitts, gentle dental finger mitts, and ear buff finger mitts.  My favorite product was the bath wipes – they smell divine!  The scent from the bath wipes lasted so long that my humans did not need to use any grooming spray in between.  All of the products were gentle enough for my humans to use every night during my grooming routine.

My humans loved the finger mitts that were included in this collection.  The shape and concept of these little mitts made it easy for them to clean all of my “hard to reach” places:  the wrinkles under my eyes; my gums, teeth, and jowls; and inside my ears.  Teeth cleaning is generally my nemesis, but the texture of these mitts was so soft that I did  not mind my humans cleaning inside my mouth at all.

 Overall, I absolutely loved the products that were included in the La Fresh Divas and Studs Canine Care kit.  These are high quality products that get the grooming job done – and they smell great, too!

*I received the La Fresh Divas and Studs Canine Care kit as a prize for participating in and winning the Animal Radio Wacky Wednesday contest.  All photos and opinions are my own.  If you have any questions, or if you would like your product reviewed, please contact me on Twitter, Facebook, or via e-mail at DaisyTheFrenchBulldog (at) outlook (dot) com.  You can also find me on Instagram.

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