Thursday, April 2, 2015

Make a Doggie Easter Basket for Under $20

“Hoppy” April, friends!  I can’t believe it is already April 1, and Easter is right around the corner!  This got me thinking:  shouldn’t us dogs get fabulous Easter baskets, too?  I think that we can all agree that the answer is a resounding YES.
Since I am usually shopping on a budget, I put together a simple doggie Easter basket using goodies that I found at my local Walgreens for under $20.00.  But, just because it’s a basket on a budget doesn’t mean that it can’t be the cat’s dog’s meow!  I picked out some really cute toys from the Walgreens Pet Shoppe line:  an adorable green frog water bottle cruncher ($4.99) and a bright pink and blue ultra-durable chew ring ($4.99).  These items are really colorful and festive, which added to the overall fun of the Easter basket. Finally, I picked out some french vanilla-scented oatmeal shampoo, also from the Pet Shoppe line, for $5.79.  I love this shampoo – especially since I get really sensitive skin from my springtime allergies!

I placed all of these awesome finds in a beautiful woven basket that I picked up for $2.99.  I had some Easter grass on hand from making other baskets, and I also scattered several Milkbone treats around the basket to make it look (and smell!) more delicious.  The finished product looks great, and it didn’t break the bank!  Have you made an Easter basket for your pet?  Leave a comment telling me what you put in your pet’s Easter basket!  Have a picture of your basket?  If so, I would love to feature it!  Please send a picture of it to me using any of the contact information below.

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**Please note that this post was not sponsored by Walgreens or Milkbone and I received no compensation from those companies or their affiliates for writing this post.  The products were purchased by my human and the opinions are 100% my own!  The prices listed are the prices that my human paid at our local store, your prices may vary.  Check with your local store for pricing details.**

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