I'm Daisy, and I'm a fun-loving French Bulldog living the good life in the sunny State of Florida.  I started this blog to chronicle (big word for a Frenchie, I know) my everyday adventures (and mishaps, let's be honest here) and provide you with top notch entertainment!  In order to help you know what type of gifts to send me get to know me a little better, I have created a little primer for you.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the bacon story of my life!

Personal Quote

"A smile is worth a thousand bacons."


Egg McMuffin (apparently my humans think that when I pass gas it smells like eggs) and Daisy Dukes. 

My Family

I am the middle child and I have a full blown case of middle-child syndrome.  I crave my humans' attention all of the time (except when I am sleeping.  or eating.  or sunbathing.)  I demand to sit in the front passenger seat at all times, and I must have the sweet spot on the bed where the air conditioning blows the hardest.  Oh yeah, and I have two sisters:  Mimi the Shih Tzu (my older sister) and Lilo the Thug Pug (my little sister).  I love my sisters; unless there's bacon - then all bets are off.

My Favorite Things

Here they are, in list form:

1.  Bacon.  Always bacon.
2.  Meal time.
3.  Treats.
4.  Riding in the car (#FunFact:  I know how to put the window down myself.  If my humans decide to put the window up, I hop right up and press the button with my paw to put the window back down.  I have also been known to change the station on the radio. #Diva).
5.  Sunbathing.
6.  My Hello Kitty stuffed animal.
7.  Cleaning my paws.
8.  Sitting on my little pug sister.
9.  Shopping
10.  Garbage trucks.  (#FunFact:  my human brother has trained me to alert him when the garbage truck is in front of our house on garbage days.)

My Un-Favorite Things

1.  Swimming.
2.  Bath time.
3.  Lizards.  I hate them.
4.  Lettuce.  Do I look like a herbivore?
5.  When my sisters steal my Hello Kitty stuffed animal.
6.  Grumpy humans.

Want to Know More?

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