Friday, April 17, 2015

Oliver the Orange Orangutan

Well folks, it's that time, we've reached the letter "O" in the A-to-Z Challenge.  I don't know about you, but I had a hard time figuring out a worthy topic beginning with the letter "O".  Then it struck me:  Oliver the Orange Orangutan.  Triple O threat.  Take THAT A-to-Z Challenge.  Like a ninja, I am; Yoda, I am not.

So, I know the question on everyone's mind - who names an orangutan Oliver?  I do.  Because he is also orange and the alliteration just rolls off the tongue.  And no, I have not had him genetically tested to ensure that he is actually an orangutan.  He doesn't even look like an orangutan, to be honest.  But orangutan starts with "O" so I'm going with it.  He is so cool though.  He originally was my human brother's.  That didn't last long, especially since he is wearing an M&Ms shirt and used to make really fun sounds when you squeezed him.  At first the sounds freaked me out, but now I have enabled my selective hearing feature destroyed the sound box am used to it. 

I love to imagine what Oliver's favorite things are:  orange soda, Ovaltine, okra, and maybe even opera!  Since I've reached the point of rambling, I'm going to turn the mic over to you - do you have any unique toys that you like to play with?  Have you ever stolen any toys from your humans and declared finders keepers, losers weepers?  I'd love to hear your stories!

Oh, and one more thing:  Olaf.  Because, "O".

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