Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

A few days ago, I wrote about these awesome peanut butter treats that I won from Entirely Pets.  Lilo and I (and our older sister Mimi the shih tzu) have been enjoying these treats so much that we wanted to use them for something special.  So, we used them as a prize in a special St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt – Dog style (I even wore my St. Patrick’s Day bow-tie for the event)!Here’s how we did it.  First, my human (because she has thumbs) randomly placed several plastic cups upside down on the floor.  Next, when we weren’t looking, my human hid some of the special peanut butter treats under a few of the cups.  Then it was game time!

I searched high and I searched low.  With a little help from my human brothers who were eager to join in the fun, I found ALL of the treats!

I had such a fun time searching for the pot of gold peanut butter treats.  I hope that we play this game again really soon!

Let me know if you try this game!  Send me some pictures and I’ll feature you in a follow up post!  You can send them to me at:  DaisyTheFrenchBulldog (at) outlook (dot) com OR find me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.

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