Sunday, April 5, 2015

"D" is for Dog's Disney Side

As most of you know by now, I am participating in the A to Z Challenge; and according to the challenge, today’s post should start with the letter “D”.  Given my love for the Mouse and his house, discussing my Disney Side is perfect for today’s letter “D” theme!

As you can tell from the picture above, I love everything Disney.  Everything.  (Side note: my life goal in four words – Go to Disney World).  To celebrate my Disney Side, I wanted to give you some tips to throw the perfect Dog’s Disney Side Party!  (You can also click here to get some ideas to throw your own Disney Side party).  Since there was so much to capture, I decided to break up my tips into a few separate posts.  Today’s post will focus on the theme and decor.

I chose one of the greatest Disney dog movies of all time as the theme for my Dog’s Disney Side party:  101 Dalmatians!  Since it is such a classic movie, I decided to stick with classic colors:  black, red, silver, and white.  Staying with the theme, I dressed the table in a black plastic table cloth and topped it with some red and silver confetti, and with a candelabra that I stole from my human’s dining room table.

What else do you need to make an awesome Dog’s Disney Side Party?  Costumes!  Make sure you grab your human for help creating your costumes.  Using scissors, carefully cut strips of colored paper to create collars similar to those in the movie.  We also added small orange paper circles as the tags.  For those who wanted to really get into character, my human and I cut “Dalmatian spots” out of black construction paper.
Every good Disney movie has an awesome villain, and 101 Dalmatians is no exception!  Our party needed a Cruella DeVille, and my Shih Tzu sister Mimi  was perfect for the role (side note: this was a totally appropriate character assignment for her – she recently won Petco’s grumpiest pet contest).  To make
Cruella’sMimi’s costume, we used some red party beads that we had at the house and our human’s black shawl.  The key to success here is to use items that you already have on hand and be creative!  There is no right or wrong as long as you are showing off your Disney Side and having FUN!

The theme and decor really made the party a great one!  The colors were striking, and really made us get into the 101 Dalmatians spirit.  Stay tuned to read about our Disney Side party food and games.  Do you like to show your Disney Side?  What’s your favorite Disney Dog movie?  Let me know in the comments!

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**Please note that this post was neither sponsored by nor endorsed by Disney and/or any of its affiliates.  I am not affiliated with Disney or its affiliates in any way.  The opinions contained in this post are purely my own.  I am just a dog who loves Disney!

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