Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Quest for the Golden Bacon

Normally I like to post about true stories and products; but, I have a really great imagination and love to play pretend, so I wanted to share some of my fictional adventures with you, too!  Plus, it's really hard to come up with a Q word to write about. So a quest it is.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lurked an evil sorcerer pug named Lilo.  Lilo only wanted what the other dogs had, and spent her days concocting potions to help her steal treasures and treats from all over the land.  One day, Lilo cast her eyes upon the rare and powerful Golden Bacon.  The Golden Bacon was very special, for whoever possessed it controlled the entire kingdom.  Evil sorcerer pug Lilo had made up her mind:  she wanted the Golden Bacon.

Lilo, the evil sorcerer pug.

Soon enough, the potion was concocted and Lilo's plan was underway.  Before King Jack knew what had happened, Lilo had taken control of the Golden Bacon and King Jack's throne.  Lilo locked King Jack in the dungeon and began eating all of the other dog's treats.  The dogs were in turmoil!  They had no choice but to follow the evil sorcerer pug, but how could they go on without their treats?!

King Jack resting on his throne.

Hope had arrived!  Albeit in the form of a short and stout knight named Daisy.  Daisy was determined to find the golden bacon and restore power to its rightful owner; right after she had a snack. 

Daisy, the brave knight.

Daisy would have to cross the entire kingdom and encounter many dangers in order to find the Golden Bacon.  Would she succeed?  Let me know what you think happens next - maybe it will appear in the next segment of The Quest for the Golden Bacon!

©Daisy The French Bulldog


  1. There should be a Fairy Dog Pup that helps you across the Mountains and she gives you the Power of Light & Hope to defeat some of the scary in the Mountains & Forests.