Thursday, April 23, 2015

Register for Love - #BridalPakSweeps

Has anyone else stumbled upon the ValPak Register for Love #BridalPakSweeps Giveaway?  I came across it advertised on Twitter the other day, and it got me thinking - what would dogs register for if they got married?  I took to Pinterest to do a little brainstorming while I created my entry board for the sweepstakes.  Ultimately, I created the perfect registry for a dog-lover/ new pet parent.  But I will pretend it's my wedding registry because that is way more fun to imagine!  Check out my finds (click on each picture to go to the original Pin):

1.  Absolutely a must have:  the Bissell SpotBot.  I reviewed one of these previously, and it is a LIFESAVER when you have a pug dogs that have an oops every once in awhile.

2.  These AWESOME etched French Bulldog wine glasses!  Who doesn't put wine glasses on their wedding registry?!

3.  A gourmet dog treat maker.  Need I say more about this one?

4.  These adorable FRENCH BULLDOG bedding.  Yes, please!

5. The thug pug made me add these.  They're really cute (don't tell her I admitted that):

There are a few more items on my Register for Love #BridalPakSweeps board, which you can check out here, but these were my favorites!  What would YOU put on your dog registry?  

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