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As you probably know by now, I am a French Bulldog - I am not a doctor, astronaut, rocket scientist, plumber, circus clown, veterinarian, or animal healthcare professional.  My blog is meant to entertain and contains my opinions about a variety of topics.  Please PLEASE if you have any questions about the health or wellness of or beloved pet, contact your veterinarian or animal healthcare professional. As much as I would love to answer your questions, I just don't have the expertise to do so.

Now that you know that I am not a professional astronaut, here are some more important things that you should know:

Sponsored Posts

I do occasionally produce posts that are sponsored by a business or company in an effort to help the company promote a product or service.  Rest assured, I only accept sponsorships for businesses, companies, products, and/or services that I personally use.  If I receive compensation in exchange for a post, a disclosure will appear at the beginning of the post identifying it as a sponsored post.  If you are a company, business, or individual interested in sponsoring a post, click here.

Affiliate Links and Third Party Advertisements

Occasionally I may use affiliate links in my post.  I receive compensation when you click and/or use these links to purchase an item.  If a post contains affiliate links, a disclosure will appear at the beginning of the post indicating that affiliate links are present

Third party advertisements do appear on this site.  Please note that I do not control, nor am I responsible for the content that is contained on these sites.  If you are interested in placing an advertisement on this site, please click here.

Contests and Giveaways

I love hosting contests and giveaways for my readers!  If a contest or giveaway is sponsored, I will indicate the name of the sponsor in the contest or giveaway post.  My giveaways are generally only open to persons over the age of eighteen (18) residing in the United States.  Please make sure to read the terms for a contest or giveaway before entering.  If you are a business, company, or individual interested in sponsoring a contest or giveaway on my blog, please click here.


Occasionally, I may collect information from you through giveaway entries or a subscription sign up.  I never sell, trade, or lease your information to any third party.  Ever.


This site contains original work created by me.  Please do not post my work or photos without written permission and without linking back to the original post.   Sharing is caring, but cheaters get no bacon (and could end up in the dog house...just not worth it!).  To obtain permission, please email me.

Comment Policy

Play nice, and treat others the way that you want to be treated.  You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I welcome opinions of all kinds as long as they are conveyed in a polite, respectful manner.  Please note that discriminatory, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted.  


 By using this site you are accepting the contents of this policy.

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