Friday, April 10, 2015

Grapes and Why They are a Bad Idea

I am playing a little “catch-up” today with my A-to-Z Challenge; my human thought it would be a great idea to bleach our patio last night during my blog hour.  Since I don’t have thumbs, I kind of rely on her to transcribe my thoughts.  My thoughts are that it was a bad idea to bleach the patio last night when I needed her thumbs.  And since there is no other clever segue to bridge germicidal bleach and grapes, I also think it is a bad idea to feed dogs Grapes, and here’s why.
According to the ASPCA, grapes and raisins create a toxicosis that generally results in kidney failure in dogs.  PetMD further explains that even small amounts of grapes or raisins can prove fatal, regardless of a dog’s size, age, breed, or genders.  PetMD also lists several symptoms associated with grape or raisin ingestion, and recommends emergency medical care for your dog should she/he ingest a grape or rains.  Some of these symptoms include:  vomiting/ diarrhea; loss of appetite; lethargy; dehydration; and kidney failure.  Please, be careful what you feed your dog and be mindful of what foods are nearby that your dog may be able to reach.

Since I sufficiently scared my human with the content of this article, she refused to let me pose near grapes.  Even if they were sealed in a package and I promised not to even look at them.  We agreed on this prop, instead.

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**Please note that I am not a vet nor am I affiliated with any of the companies or links included in this post.  If you have a medical question, or if you believe that your pet has ingested a toxic food, please contact your vet immediately.

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