Friday, February 20, 2015

Love All Pets on #LoveYourPetDay

Not only is it #FrenchieFriday today, but it is also #LoveYourPetDay!  Let’s not kid ourselves, every day should be love your pet day – but today is a day to show some extra special love to all of your fuzzy family members!
There are so many blogs and postings out there about how to love your pet today, but I wanted to call attention to some pets that don’t get to celebrate today.  These pets are cared for by the awesome rescue organizations, but they still deserve to be loved today and every day! Please read my suggestions below on how you can help, and then scroll down to a few organizations that I wanted to highlight on this #LoveYourPetDay!
Here are some ways to help:

1.  Bring attention to the cause:  tweet, share, and post all that you can about these groups and the fuzzy friends that need a forever home.

2.  Don’t buy or adopt a pet on a whim:  sure, a puppy or kitten as a Christmas gift sounds perfect, but please make sure that your home is ready to accept and care for your new baby forever.  Also, do your research to make sure that the breed (or breed mix) is right for your home and lifestyle; the easiest way to do this is to schedule a consultation with a local veterinarian.  Imagine being taken away from your mother and siblings, placed in a home with humans that are supposed to love and care for you, and then abandoned and destined to repeat the process over and over again.  It is just not fair to everyone involved – please think before you bring us home!

3.  Donate:  donate money.  donate time.  donate supplies.  Donate whatever you can to make sure that these animals feel loved even if they haven’t yet found their forever home.

4. Don’t keep a pet in an abusive, stressful, or unloving situation:  this aligns with #2 above.  If you have brought a pet home and have found that it is more than you can handle (perhaps due to excessive health needs, or the wrong breed for your lifestyle) please be responsible and find a safe and loving environment that you can transition your pet to.  No animal deserves to live its short life in an abusive or unloving environment.

To get you started, please take a minute to visit these great organizations.  If you have one that you would like to add, please leave your information in the comments or Tweet me @DaisyFrenchie.  Don’t forget to love your pet today!

Pug Rescue Network (Pugs are awesome!  I should know, I live with one!)

Petsmart Charities

Petco Foundation


Please note I have not been paid or otherwise received any compensation for this post.  These are purely my canine opinions and observations!

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