Saturday, March 14, 2015

Product Review: Peanut Butter Treats

Hi friends, Daisy the French Bulldog here!  Recently, my pug sister Lilo entered a peanut butter themed photo contest sponsored by Entirely Pets-Online Pet Supplies.  Here is one of her photos – boy, does she LOVE peanut butter!

Lilo thought the prize was getting to sleep next to a jar of peanut butter, so imagine her surprise when she won the contest and received some peanut butter flavored treats as her prize! 
WeShe couldn’t stop licking
ourher chops when our postal worker delivered the box filled with Simply Wild Peanut Butter treats and Green Dog Peanut Butter Flavored Nuggets.  This gave us a whole new reason to chase the mailman!

First, we dug into the Simply Wild Peanut Butter Treats (I solely participated in the treat-eating for research and blogging purposes.  Dog scout’s honor).  I have one word to describe them:  AMAZING!  The treats are made using wholesome, delicious ingredients that made my human happy (and when the human is happy about the ingredients, I get more treats).  Also, the treats are packaged in a quaint, eco-friendly bag that my human adores!  The texture and shape are very similar to a human treat, which makes them even more appetizing to me and my pug sister.  The treats themselves are slightly dry and crunchy and not too oily or sticky, which makes them perfect for dogs like me that tend to have “jowl issues” (that’s a topic for a whole different post, friends).  These treats definitely get two paws up, and I will be “borrowing” my human’s credit card to order more in the very near future….

As if the folks at Entirely Pets could read our minds, they sent Lilo a second bag of peanut butter treats:  Green Dog Peanut Butter Flavored Nuggets.  These little rounds of goodness were equally as delicious!  The treats are packaged with optimal freshness in mind!  They come in a small plastic bag placed inside of a resealable (and attractive) plastic pouch.  Similar to the first set of treats, the Green Dog Nuggets are made with wholesome, healthy ingredients – and they smell AWESOME (and by awesome I mean my human couldn’t stop sticking her nose in the bag to catch a whiff – the nerve of some humans)!  These treats have a little more moisture to them, but they aren’t greasy or sticky.  Also, the treats are big enough to share (<– my human made me write that, I do NOT share treats.  Ever.).  I also give these treats two paws up.
I may or may not have used my human’s checking account to purchase more on the internet while she slept.  Here, look at a cute picture of Lilo to forget that last sentence:

A HUGE thank you to Entirely Pets for the opportunity to participate in such a fun event, and for providing such a delicious reward!

Love, Hugs, and Pugs,

~ Daisy the French Bulldog

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