Monday, October 26, 2015

Keep Track of your Dog with #NuzzleSmartCollar

Have your ever experienced the panic associated with your dog running away?  The fear sets in as you think about where you should look, who you should call, and whether or not your precious fur-baby is safe.  My humans have felt this fear, and I know most dog owners at one point or another have experienced their pet bolting out the front door or pulling out of a collar.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a product that tracked your dog's location so you always knew where (s)he was?  Well, that product is here, and it's a GPS tracker collar called the Nuzzle Smart Collar™.  And it's amazing.  A-MAZ-ING.  (Almost as amazing as bacon, and that's pretty amazing).

This post is sponsored by The Nuzzle Smart GPS Collar and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping to spread the word about the Nuzzle Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign, but I (Daisy the French Bulldog) only share information I feel is relevant to my readers. Nuzzle is not responsible for the content of this article.

Gone are the days of posting "Lost Dog" flyers around the neighborhood and knocking on doors looking for your lost pup. As the only smart pet GPS collar on the market that does not require a monthly fee, the Nuzzle is a GPS Dog Collar that allows you to track your dog's location and whether (s)he is resting, active, walking, etc. through an app on your smart phone.  The dog GPS tracker app also allows you to set a virtual fence and alerts you if your dog leaves the designated area.  Additionally, the app provides impact detection and temperature monitoring.  The collar itself is waterproof and the tracker portion is detachable.  The Nuzzle even comes with an easy to charge battery AND back up battery.  Basically it is the best invention for dogs since bacon.  Mmm.  Bacon.

Speaking of bacon, gather 'round for a story.  Today I am going to tell you the tale of Jack the Kraken.  Well, he wasn't really a Kraken.  He was actually a Jack Russell terrier that loved to torture his humans by running away.  He ran off many times, but one time in particular was nerve-wracking, to say the least.  One garbage day, many, many moons ago, Jack decided to bolt out the front door and chase after the garbage truck.  His human had no choice but to load two human babies into the SUV and attempt to chase after Jack.  The problem was, by the time his human got into the car, she had no idea which way Jack ran.  And boy did he run.  By the time his human found him, he was steps away from a major road far from the house and soaking wet - presumably from swimming in a lake (an activity that he loved, unfortunately).  Had Jack's human (aka my human) owned a Nuzzle, she could have whipped out her smart phone and identified Jack's location immediately - without all of the driving around.  And around.  And around. 

So, now that you're convinced that the Nuzzle Collar is the best thing since sliced bacon, I am sure that you're wondering where to get such an amazing product.  Well, that's where Nuzzle needs your help!  They are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to start manufacturing collars.  By contributing to the campaign early, you can receive a discount off the final price of the Nuzzle Collar.  Interested?  (Like I really had to ask, right?)  Check out the Nuzzle Indiegogo Page for more information.  I know I am headed over there because some-dog who shall remain nameless (it's THE PUG) likes to sneak out the front door.  Everyday.  Definitely need a Nuzzle.

Want to learn more?  You can visit Nuzzle at and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


  1. We really like this cool collar
    Lily & Edward

  2. That is a perfect collar for woofies. We have a friend who has a French Bulldog and she could use this collar

  3. What an amazing product to help keep dogs safe who have a habit of running out the front door or escaping through gates. This Nuzzle collar would surely give me peace of mind if my girls were wearing it. I am going to read up more about it.

  4. I love the idea of the Nuzzle smart collar. I want one for all of my animals. You just never know when one of your animals may get lost for some reason. It's a scary thought but this collar gives piece of mind.

  5. Dex is going to get one of these. I get so afraid of ever having him run from me. He is good on recall but this is a product that is better to be safe than sorry.