Sunday, October 25, 2015

Top Tips for a Dog Friendly #Halloween

So, if you don't know by now, Halloween is my most FAVORITE HOLIDAY of the year.  No, really, I love all of the decorations and costumes and T-R-E-A-T-S!!  I think it's great to include your dog in the Halloween festivities, but it is important to make sure that you include your dog safely.  With so many children out trick-or-treating, and candy all around, a dog can get into danger very easily.  Here are my top tips to make your Halloween dog friendly.

Make Sure You've Got the Right Gear

If you plan on trick-or-treating with your dog (or even if you plan on having your dog help you hand out candy to your trick-or-treaters) it is important to make sure that your dog is prepared with the right gear.  Here is a checklist to make sure that your dog is ready:

  • If your dog is going to stay home, and is frightened by people or the doorbell, make sure that (s)he has a comfortable, safe place to relax until the night is over.  It is best to keep your frightened dog in a secured place (another room or a crate) away from the door.  When a dog is frightened, (s)he may run off.  Make sure that your pet also has an ID tag or microchip in case (s)he does run off.
  • A sturdy collar and leash.  Collars and leashes do not last forever, and need to be replaced every so often.  Before you head out on your quest for treats or prepare for candy-hand-out-duty, make sure that your dog has a sturdy collar (or harness) and leash.  I'm partial to the Star Wars line available at Petco. 
  • A portable water bowl.  If your dog is tagging along on the treat route, make sure that you bring some water for them.  Whether it is hot or cold where you live, it is important to keep your dog hydrated - especially if (s)he is going to do a lot of walking. 
  • Poop bags.  I've said it once and I'll say it again.  NO ONE LIKES A PARTY POOPER.  NO ONE.  So, don't be a party pooper.  Bring along some poop bags to scoop the poop.  Plus, do you really think that your neighbor is going to give you any treats if they see your dog poop on their lawn and you don't pick it up?  Treats is the name of the game here, folks!  
  • Treats.  Speaking of treats, treats.  Treats.  TREATS!  OK, you get the point.  Make sure you bring along some of your dog's favorite treats.  Seeing all of the humans getting candy and treats of their own is going to make your dog jealous.  And hungry.  And we certainly don't want Fido taking a huge honkin' bite out of your mini Milky Way and ending up at the emergency vet, now do we?  No.  Didn't think so.  Bring along some treats.  And a cool trick or treat bucket while you're at it.
The Best Treats on the Block

So, now that you've got the safety tips down, let's talk about how to make sure that you gain the coveted title of "Best Treats on the Block".  It's actually very simple, here are the steps:

  • First, buy Beggin' snacks.  Lots and lots of Beggin' snacks.  Remember - bacon is always best!  If you don't have Beggin' snacks, it is very likely that you will only get the trick and not the treat.  And the trick is poop on your lawn.  Avoid the poopy lawn, buy Beggin' snacks.
  • Next, let the neighborhood dogs know that you've got the goods.  I hung a convenient little sign on my door.  Once I eat all of the Beggin' snacks, I will remove the sign and turn off the lights and hope the neighborhood dogs think that I don't celebrate Halloween.
  • Finally, throw on a stellar costume.  This means dress like bacon.  No costume is as stellar as bacon.  Except dressing as Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  Those costumes are pretty epic.  But not as epic as bacon.

Be safe and have fun - and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


  1. OMD. That Beggin Costume is hilarious on you! Hope you got some good treats for it! :)
    -Jessica from Beagles & Bargains

    1. LOL Thanks! There is nothing better than bacon. Except a bacon costume LOL. I got PLENTY of treats for this photo shoot!

  2. You look adorable in your bacon costume! Next year you could go as Lady Gaga with her meat costume but that might be too tempting!

  3. Ahahaha Daisy looks amazing in that bacon costume! Great tips for going out and about with dogs on Halloween night. Lots of people do in AZ because the weather is so nice!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha oh that costume! I'm pretty sure Kol would lose his mine if I turned him into a giant strip of bacon. I love it so much though.

  5. I tried to comment last night from my ipawd. Hiss! What great info! Our Nicky cat was so scared of our doorbell he once got tangled in the phone cord—yeah it was a while ago—and tumbled off the table taking the phone with him.