Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Pumpkin-Blueberry-Bacon Pupsicles

Hi friends!  I was on a bit of a hiatus while I visited Disney World vicariously through my humans  (check out my Instagram account to see all of the photos); but, I am glad to be back!  And to celebrate my return to the blog world, I am posting about one of my most favorite summer treats:  Pupsicles!

Pupsicles are a great way to help your pup cool down during these hot summer months, and the recipe that I am sharing with you today is sure to be a hit with any pumpkin (and bacon!)-loving pooch. (Full recipe is at the end of this post)

First, gather your ingredients and pose for a photo:  canned pumpkin, fresh blueberries, bacon, water, and rawhide sticks.

Next, combine the pumpkin, crumbled bacon, and water in the blender.  Blend until smooth (some bacon bit deliciousness is OK).

Put 3-4 whole blueberries at the bottom of each popsicle mold.  Pour the mixture on top of the blueberries and tap the molds lightly on the counter to remove any bubbles.  Then do a run by licking for quality control purposes.

Place one rawhide stick in each mold. (If the sticks won't stand up, put the mixture in the freezer for a short time to firm the mixture, then add the sticks).

Then, hire your local pug to help you put your pupsicles in the freezer.  I lured paid my pug with a treat.

See, much easier than doing it yourself.

Go take a nap for a few hours, and when you wake up your pupsicles will be ready to enjoy!  I think they are best served poolside.

Make sure you lick the entire bowl so that no part of the pupsicle gets left behind.

What?  Do I have something on my face?

Here's the recipe - enjoy!

Clearly I am not a veterinarian - I am a French Bulldog!  If you are unsure about feeding a particular food to your beloved pet, please contact your veterinarian or pet health professional.


  1. Daisy is such a pretty Frenchie! I got to hang out with Louie the Frenchie this weekend. They'd make a pretty pair. http://thefrenchdog.blogspot.com/

    1. Aww thank you - and thanks for visiting! Louie is very handsome!!! Would love to have a Frenchie date!

  2. OMD another good recipe for Mom to make us! We live in FL too so we need lots of cool drinks,

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda