Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome to the Febreze™ School of #Petiquette

Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean is a challenge - especially when you have a house filled with kids and pets (and, let's not kid ourselves, husbands, too).  As a graduate of the Febreze™ School of Petiquette, I have mastered the art of eliminating stinks and stenches that you humans have a tendency to become "noseblind" to.  Keep reading to enroll in the Febreze School of Petiquette and learn how to conquer noseblindness and make sure that your home is always guest ready!

This post is sponsored by Febreze ™ and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about #Petiquette but I (Daisy the French Bulldog) only share information that I feel is relevant to my readers. Febreze is not responsible for the content of this article.

Hello, and welcome to the Febreze™ School of #Petiquette - it is an honor to have you here. I am your instructor - you can call me Professor Daisy - and I plan to educate you about proper Petiquette so that your home is always guest ready.  So get your pencils ready, there may or may not be a pop quiz.  Just saying.

A bacon a day keeps the vet away.  No, an apple a day.  I totally meant apple.
Lesson #1 - Noseblindness

"Noseblindness" is a common condition experienced by humans. Essentially, "Noseblindness" occurs when a human can no longer notice the stench in their home.  And by stench I mean pet stink.  Or cooking stink.  Or garbage stink.  Or whatever type of stink your human can no longer smell.  To put it nicely, the human becomes accustomed to their surrounding smells  Here's an example to help drive the point home:
I was minding my own business, rocking on with my Toast socks on, when suddenly I smelled it.  Pug stench.  UGHHHH.  Pug stench is THE WORST.  Clearly my humans didn't notice the stink because they were relaxing away breathing in the stink that is our pug.  I am ashamed to say, my humans were not practicing proper #Petiquette.  And my humans had clearly become noseblind.  Such a sad story.

So, what's the problem with a noseblind human?  Well, students, let me tell you that a noseblind human can lead to a potentially awkward and stinky experience for house guests.  No one wants an awkward and stinky house guest experience.  No one.  How can we cure noseblindness?  Well, this leads me to lesson number two.

Lesson #2 - Keeping Your Home Guest Ready with Febreze

There is only one known cure for noseblindness:  Febreze.  Two of my most favorite Febreze products to help alleviate my noseblind humans' symptoms are Febreze Air Effects and Febreze Fabric Refresher.  Now would be a good time to take notes.  Write it down.  Do it now.  

Help those that suffer from noseblindness.

Let's break it down to the facts:
  • 49% of Americans say that they dread - DREAD - visiting homes with pets because of the smell.
  • 48% of Americans say that they could make out someone's home simply by the odor alone, particularly if someone has a pet.
  • 24% of Americans feel that pet smells are the most offensive within a home (second only to the smell of garbage) [sidenote:  my human brother is OBSESSED with garbage trucks.  I am a professional garbage sniffer.  And pet stink is way worse.  Way.  Worse.]
Thinking twice about your own home now?  No need to panic.  Febreze can solve it all.  Here are some great tips on how you can use Febreze to combat pet smells in your house: 
  • Febreze Fabric Refresher instantly (yes, you heard me, INSTANTLY) removes odors from fabrics, and can be used daily to freshen your home.
  • Febreze Air Effects eliminates odors in your home's air and can be used anytime and anywhere to remove pet odors or simply to freshen up the smell of your house.  Top tip:  store plenty of Febreze Air Effects in consistently stinky areas of your home (i.e. kitchen and bathrooms).
See?  Not so hard to make your home guest ready with Febreze! 

Lesson #3 - Some more #Petiquette Tips

Here are some more examples of how Febreze can help you cure common pet odors and keep your home guest ready:

(Not So) Hidden Smells:  some pet odors have a funny (well, not so funny) way of ... reappearing when you least want them to.  We all know that you can teach your beloved pet not to jump on guests or eat their shoes, it's impossible to teach your pet to leave the room to pass gas (believe me - I know this from experience).  When your guests are on the way and your pet won't abandon their bully stick, Febreze Air Effects can save the day with its instant odor removal abilities, leaving behind a light, fresh scent (instead of Fido's farts).

Cozy Couch - do you love to spend your Saturday nights snuggling on your couch with your awesome pet?  (Don't worry, my humans do, too).  If so, you'd better keep some Febreze Fabric Refresher on hand to instantly remove any "dog smell" (in our house it's pug stench.  I'm a french bulldog so I don't fall into the "dog smell" category.  At least that's what I think.) from your couch fabric and pillows.  With the odor gone and the light, fresh scent remaining, your couch-sitting guests will have no idea that they are stole Fido's secret snuggle spot.

With the holiday season upon us, it is important to make sure that your house is always guest ready.  Eliminate the worry and stress and stock up on Febreze products.  Believe me, your guests will thank you!

Want to learn more about proper #Petiquette?  Download the full curriculum here and visit the following links:

Feel like you're ready for the pop quiz?  Alright, here's the question - leave your answer in the comments!

       What is the only known cure for noseblind humans?

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  1. Oh my dawg! Hilarious
    Lily & Edward

  2. I know how people living in a house can get used to a smell. Everyone likes to think their house doesn't stink but I worry that ours does to our visitors. Now that Chester is old, he has "accidents" sometimes. We wash the blankets and beds but I know sometimes we miss something and can't smell it.... or at least it seems "subtle" to us when it probably is very strong to our guests. And who is going to come out and tell you your house stinks right?

    1. That is SO true. We have an extremely insane pug puppy who leave her pug stink EVERYWHERE. There is no guest on the planet that is going to say, "thanks for the lovely dinner and your home smells like pug." Better stick to the Febreze.... ;)

  3. It's definitely easy to get nose-blind. I KNOW our house does not smell like dog though... because our landlord came over for an inspection once and made a point of telling me that ours doesn't and she can always tell!

    1. Awesome job keeping the "dog" smell away! Our house would smell lovely, except that my humans had to go and bring home a pug. Need I say more? ;)

  4. I definitely suffer from noseblindness! Great tips and we love Febreze!

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing! We love Febreze stuff here at our house! Before my little Sadie went to the Rainbow Bridge, she had a few accidents. I've done a thorough cleaning since she's been gone, but sometimes I worry that there's still an odor that I've simply gotten used to. I'm glad there are products specifically created to deal with these little pet issues!

    1. I agree. We had a similar scenario after our Jack Russell passed away. Well, let's not kid ourselves, he stunk up the home pretty badly when he was alive and well, too. Thank goodness for Febreze!

  6. Daisy is so adorable that I could overlook any smell. We are big fans of Febreze in our home too.

  7. Air effects by freeze to get rid of smell from your dog every day to get a routine going so when guess come invited or a surprise visit you are all set. No worries