Sunday, August 9, 2015

Devoted Doggy Helps Keep Your Car Clean!

 Cars are a big investment for humans, which is why protecting your vehicle from paw prints and dog hair is important!  The Devoted Doggy Premium Seat Cover is the perfect (and necessary!) accessory to help protect your vehicle.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this item at a heavily discounted price in exchange for writing an honest review of the product.  All opinions are my own, and the discount in no way altered my opinion of the product.  I only share products with my readers that I use myself and believe are relevant to my readers.

Living in Florida, we get a lot of rain.  A LOT.  And rain makes mud.  And mud means dirty pups, which means dirty everything.  Being a dog, I don't so much mind the mud; in fact, I enjoy a good roll in the mud every once in awhile.  The stinkier the better is my motto.  Unfortunately, my humans do NOT agree.

Agreeing is not something that my humans and I do often, but when we do, it is usually for a good cause.  One thing we do agree on:  the Devoted Doggy Premium Seat Cover.  My humans are happy because their precious vehicles remain pristine.  I am happy because they stop yelling at me to get my muddy paws off of the seat.  (Although, it does not cure them yelling at me for putting the window down while we are driving 70 mph on the expressway.  Touché.)

The Devoted Doggy Premium Seat Cover itself is really great, and big enough to cover a full bench seat (which is super important if you have a multi-dog household like me).  The material is thick enough to catch falling dog hairs and to prevent nails from puncturing the fabric, and its quilted design makes for a comfortable ride.  And here's the best part: it easily folds up to store in the back of the car until it is needed.  (Well, I suppose it folds easily if you are a human with thumbs....)

Overall, I am really pleased with this product.  We have actually used the product several times since receiving it; our most recent use involved the transport of three stinky dogs home from boarding.  But, if you excuse me, I have places to go and bacon to eat.  And I will be surely using my Devoted Doggy Premium Seat Cover.  Human!  I'm ready to go!  Fetch me my stretch!

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